Bespoke Stories

There's nothing more special than having a piece of jewellery designed specifically for you. If there's something you have seen in the shop, but you would like to tweak it a little, or have a piece designed uniquely for you, simply drop an email to 



''This client loved the style of the brand, but only worn white gold. She was happy for me to lead the design, as she knew she wanted a statement diamond in a wide band, with some detailing. We created a one of a kind piece, featuring a 3ct diamond; in one light it looks grey, in the other green. Truly amazing stone. To add some more detail, salt and pepper diamonds detailed the sides of the central stone, like buried treasure. Normally white gold is plated, to give it a more silver aesthetic, but we decided that the diamonds would look better with a more industrial colour, so left the white gold raw.''




''Rachael fell in love with the style of my shield rings, but wanted something a bit more colourful and bright. Based on the colour scheme of one of her favourite paintings, I put together a palette of semi-precious and precious stones; tanzanites, sapphires, tourmalines, garnets and rubies. The result was a burst of vibrant colour, with a special inscription on the inside.''

''Eileen came to me with a stunning 2 carat heirloom diamond. She wanted something modern, organic and statement for her engagement ring. We went for a wider band style to offset the diamond, and settled on an organic bezel setting. This really highlighted the beauty of the diamond itself''

''This amazing couple had found each other after both of their previous partners had sadly passed away. They wanted to reuse the gold and diamonds from their first marriages in their own wedding rings, which I thought was beautiful and really poignant. We took the diamonds from both rings and reset them into new designs, using the gold from their rings, and added in a few more diamonds to her ring. For his ring, white gold was fused on top, to add a a colour contrast, with his diamond bezel set in the middle. Both rings were a joy to make, as the story was so lovely and humbling.''