I create sculptural gold jewellery, inspired by my Scottish heritage. Growing up in the Highlands of Scotland, I fell in love with its' history; the ancient buildings, the rugged sea scape, and the many artefacts and jewellery hoards which have been found buried within the earth.
I find beauty in the irregular, the imperfect and the eroded.  On the farmland of my grandparents, we have found incredible pieces of history - segments of rings, vessels, knives and swords - ancient parts of history. These objects have informed my designs as a huge source of inspiration. 
My collections have been inspired by the historical relationship Scotland has with talismans; objects created throughout our history and worn as forces of protection, as well as aesthetic beauty.  I reference these ideas to create jewellery that is organic and erosive, yet imminently wearable.
- Ellis Mhairi Cameron