‘’I create sculptural gold jewellery, inspired by my Scottish heritage. Growing up in the Highlands of Scotland, I fell in love with its' history; the ancient buildings, the rugged sea scape, and the many artefacts and jewellery hoards which have been found buried within the earth.’’
My most recent pieces have been inspired by the historical relationship Scotland has with talismans; objects created throughout our history and worn as forces of protection, as well as aesthetic beauty. This theme seems particularly relevant today in the uncertain times that we are living in. The Scottish Gaelic word 'caim' was the starting point for this work.
‘Caim’ originally translates to the word sanctuary. A ‘caim’ was an invisible circle of safety, drawn around the body with the hand, a reminder of being watched over and cared for, even in the bleakest of times. In ancient Scottish jewellery, the circle is used continuously as an emblem for strength and courage. Historically, a circular form was worn on the body to act as a protective amulet, as it was believed to represent wholeness, community and a connection to the greater cosmos.
Due to the heavy symbolism it has carried throughout history, the circle shape has been a key feature within my newest pieces. This shape has become a talisman within my collection; a signature form which holds strong narrative meaning.