''The jeweller Ellis Mhairi Cameron has always been captivated by the Scottish rural landscape in which she grew up. The scudding, ever-changing skies and eroding land had worked their way into her previous collections even before last year, when she discovered a five-century-old treasure hoard on her family’s ancient farm. The Cameron clan has lived on the same site in Oban, the unofficial capital of the West Highlands, since 1502. Cameron grew up with her parents nearby and spent much of her childhood running in and out of the farm. In 2022, a set of standing stones was uncovered when an area of long-overgrown land was cleared. Historic Environment Scotland confirmed them to be significant and suggested that the family hire some metal detectors. So, on a rainy day in April, Cameron and two detectorists struck, if not gold, then certainly a rich vein of history: ancient artefacts that have gone on to inspire Legacy, Cameron’s latest collection of fine jewellery.''

– Kate Finnegan, Financial Times HTSI. 


Ellis finds beauty in the irregular, the imperfect and the eroded.  On her family farmland incredible pieces of history have been excavated - segments of rings, vessels, knives and swords - ancient parts of history. These objects have informed Ellis’ designs as a huge source of inspiration.  

'' All of my jewellery stems from an interest in how our identities are influenced by our specific locations and how this forms social heritage. Throughout history, regardless of country or continent, ancient cultures have adorned their bodies. A focus of my research is exploring the reasoning behind why we wear jewellery and the symbolism and sentiment that a piece of jewellery can hold. ''

- Ellis Mhairi Cameron


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