Choosing your engagement ring or choosing a ring to propose to your partner with, can feel overwhelming; it can be hard to know where to start. I am here to make the process clearer and easier, to guide you every step of the way, so you feel confident in your choices and that you find the perfect ring.
I offer a range of engagement rings in my signature style, from large and statement to elegant and delicate. You can also commission a completely unique ring, customise an existing design with different metals or gemstones, or if you have inherited diamonds or gold, these can often be reused in your new ring.


I recommend first browse my engagement rings online, to short list the styles or designs you initially like the look of. Are you drawn to chunky statement pieces, or more delicate styles? Do you like the colours of diamonds on offer or would you prefer a different gemstone or diamond? Are you happy with yellow gold, or would you prefer a different metal? My main collection is in 14ct yellow gold, as I love the mid-warm yellow tone with the colours of diamonds I use, but there are a lot of different choices possible. Browse the Metal Guide for an overview of metals and the Bespoke Gallery for examples of custom pieces.
Thinking about your daily life is important, as this is a ring you or your partner will wear everyday – are you someone who wears a lot of rings, so a chunkier ring will be no problem to wear, or would you prefer something subtle?  


I work predominantly with diamonds, for both their strength and beauty. 
However, if you would prefer another stone, (perhaps your birthstone, or a stone that holds sentimental meaning for you?) please get in touch; I am here to offer advice and answer your questions. 


There’s also the possibility of remodelling an inherited ring / inherited stone. I would be happy to discuss incorporating an heirloom stone into one of my designs. Please contact me for further details on how this works.


If you are surprising your to be fiancée with an unexpected proposal, I would recommend purchasing one of my in stock engagement rings, as then once you have proposed the ring can either be sized or exchanged for a different style, within 14 days of purchase. Simply email me at when you order, to let me know that you are planning on proposing, so the ring may come back for a resize, or be exchanged for a different style.
All Made to Order jewellery is non-exchangable and non-refundable, so I would always recommend proposing with an in stock ring, for flexibility.
Please note that if exchanging, the proposal ring must be returned in an unworn state.
I also have a Diamond Gallery, where you can pick a diamond (or contact for other stones) to propose with, and then your fiancée can help design her ring when you have proposed.


It’s highly unlikely that you will know your partners ring size if it’s a surprise, and it’s very hard to guess without measuring their finger. I would always recommend ordering the style of ring you like, which I will make in a ‘standard’ ring size, as all my engagement rings can be sized once you’ve proposed to the correct ring size.


I would love to answer your questions and help you decide on the perfect ring. Email with your questions and ideas.
All images  ©Emma Ryan Photography.