Made To Last

We believe in the idea of slow fashion; shopping independent and buying made to last pieces. Ellis Mhairi Cameron jewellery is made by hand in London, by Ellis and her dedicated studio team, using traditional techniques, such as hand carving and casting, to give her pieces their signature erosive aesthetic. 

Traceable Materials

Transparency and accountability are hugely important to us. Our jewellery is cast in 100% recycled gold using British suppliers, based in the UK. We work with a selection of independent, reputable diamond suppliers based in London and India. The diamonds used are traceable to source - read more here.
In keeping with this ethos, Ellis can rework your inherited gold and diamonds into new pieces, so they can once again be worn and enjoyed. 

Everyday Luxury

The collections are made specifically in gold and diamonds, not only for their beauty, but for their longevity. Ellis believes that jewellery should not be left only for special occasions, but worn and enjoyed every day, to eventually be passed down through the generations.