Every piece of jewellery created in the studio is unique; from the diamonds that have been sourced, to the intricate details in each design. When it comes to diamonds, sourcing the most unique colours & shapes that can be found is incredibly important to Ellis.


Our diamonds reject traditional industry deemed perfection; an unusual fleck or inclusion is what we believe makes these stones unique and more desirable. 


Our diamonds are conflict free and traceable to source. We adhere to the Kimberley Process, an international certification process that aims to prevent the flow of conflict diamonds. Our natural coloured diamonds are sourced from Jwaneng Mine in Botswana, and the now closed Argyle Mine in Australia, before being hand cut by family run businesses in Jaipur and Surat in India, so all diamonds are traceable to source.


Antique diamonds are recycled, as they have been unset from unwanted jewellery, and they have zero environmental impact. 

Our antique diamonds are have been unset from unwanted historical pieces by our suppliers who are based in Hatton Garden in London. The term 'old cut diamond' refers to antique diamonds cut without the precision of modern cut diamonds. Other descriptions include 'Old Mine Cut' and 'Victorian Cut’. Before modern advancements in diamond cutting in the 1800s, diamonds were cut by hand by craftsmen; the positioning of facets were less structured and unique. In comparison, more modern cuts have a far more ordered, geometric appearance. It is this hand-created, organic aesthetic that gives old cut diamonds their unique identities. These diamonds are the perfect choice for those with a love of heritage and history.