X Old Cut Small Oval Pendant Necklace


The X Old Cut Small Oval Pendant Necklace is inspired by the medieval jewellery hoards which have been found across Scotland.

Intricately detailed, the texture of the gold contrasts with a scattering of old cut diamonds. Wear solo, or pair with other pieces in the collection.


  • Materials: 14 carat yellow gold, set with five old cut diamonds, measuring 1.5 - 2mm.
  • Total Carat weight: 0.95ct.
  • Measurements: Pendant: 20mm x14mm
  • Sold on 18'' chain.
  • Please Note: This necklace is in stock and ready to ship.

Old Cut Diamonds | The term 'old cut diamond' refers to antique diamonds cut without the precision of modern cut diamonds. Other descriptions include 'Old Mine Cut' and 'Victorian Cut’. Before modern advancements in diamond cutting in the 1800s, diamonds were cut by hand by craftsmen; the positioning of facets were less structured and unique. In comparison, more modern cuts have a far more ordered, geometric appearance. It is this hand-created, organic aesthetic that gives old cut diamonds their unique identities.

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