ELLIS MHAIRI CAMERON creates sculptural gold & diamond jewellery, inspired by her Scottish heritage. Originally from the Highlands of Scotland, Ellis grew up surrounded by the seascape and mountains; places filled with history, that feel primal and beautifully raw. These early experiences formed Ellis’ love for imperfect beauty, erosion, and began her research into topophilia; the term for a bond with one's environment - a person's mental, emotional, and cognitive ties to a place.

Ellis moved from the Scottish Highlands to Glasgow in 2010 to take up a place on an art foundation course. She initially applied with an intent to study sculpture or painting, but discovered jewellery and fell in love with its’ potential. For Ellis, jewellery encompassed a little bit of everything; she could collage and paint in design sketchbooks, before moving into small scale three-dimensional ''sculpture'', through creating jewellery.

Ellis then went on to learn technical skills through a BA in Jewellery & Silversmithing at The Glasgow School of Art, before moving to London in 2015, to study for a Masters in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins. Ellis launched her brand in 2018, with a desire to create jewellery inspired by her heritage, a belief in the beauty of imperfections, hand craftsmanship and to provide clients with jewellery to be handed down the generations.

Today, Ellis and her team are based in a by appointment studio at The Goldsmiths Centre, London. Her work is sold internationally, through showcases such as Goldsmiths Fair and Melee, and stockists such as Esqueleto, Aetla & Liberty London. 

Her work has been featured in articles and photoshoots in publications such as VOGUE, Financial Times, JCK & FORBES. In 2023 Ellis was awarded The Gem X Scholarship for engraving, and in March 2024 The Goldsmiths Company awarded Ellis a Large Bursary Grant to continue her engraving study.

To learn more about Ellis, listen to Ellis interview with Blogger A Thousand Facets – here or read Ellis' interview with Liberty London.