All of my jewellery stems from an interest in how our identities are influenced by our specific locations and how this forms social heritage. Throughout history, regardless of country or continent, ancient cultures have adorned their bodies. A focus of my research is exploring the reasoning behind why we wear jewellery and the symbolism and sentiment that a piece of jewellery can hold. 

Since inception, I have focused on creating sculptural gold jewellery. I use traditional techniques and hand skills, such as hand carving and casting, to give my pieces their signature erosive aesthetic. To ensure accountability, every piece is created in my London studio, from recycled gold and traceable diamonds.  Entirely made by hand, my work carries small intricacies as uniquely rich as the land which inspires it. 

At the foundation of my brand is a belief in the beauty of imperfection, hand craftsmanship and a desire to provide clients with beautifully made fine jewellery, that can be handed down through the generations.

- Ellis Mhairi Cameron