Please read the information below carefully, before placing an order / commissioning a piece,  so you know everything you need to know about caring and maintaining your jewellery.


We work with diamonds as they are an incredibly durable gemstone, but like any material, they are not indestructible. Hitting your ring at just the right angle with just the right impact could chip the diamond, so we recommend removing your ring when doing anything strenuous.


Delicate styles require more care than chunky styles - we have a range of different pieces in the collection, from delicate & lightweight to chunky & statement. Think about your daily lifestyle when ordering, as different styles require different levels of care. If in doubt, drop us a message about the style you are considering and your lifestyle, and we will give honest advice about the best design for you.


Our jewellery is designed for everyday wear, but should be taken off when doing a physical task, such as exercising, as this could result in damage to a stone.  Clean regularly with a soft toothbrush, liquid soap and warm water to avoid any build up of dirt and keep the stones looking their best.

Although our jewels are designed to change with the wearers’ lifestyle and habits throughout the years, we are happy to recondition items and return their original finish and lustre. If you would like to receive a professional clean, please contact our studio - we offer a deep clean service for £100.


As with all fine jewellery, stone settings should be checked occasionally. If there is any signs of movement please return our jewellery to our studio to adjust. Utmost care has been taken to set stones securely however we are not responsible for the loss of stones after purchase.


Every piece is designed to be worn and loved everyday, but as with all fine jewellery, it should be treated with care. We provide a one year warranty on all pieces of jewellery from the date of purchase, provided it has not been worked on by another jeweller or the damage does not go beyond accepted patterns of wear. Beyond the warranty period, we will quote for any necessary repairs on a case by case basis.


We highly recommend purchasing insurance for your jewellery. While our jewellery is designed with durability in mind, we still use diamonds that can be fragile and need to be worn with extra care. For example, all of the baguette-cut diamonds we use are more vulnerable to breaking if they are accidentally struck.


Baguette is part of a family of cuts that is more sensitive and needs to be worn with care. Because of its length and shape, a hard bump or strike against a hard surface can cause the diamond to crack and potentially fall out of the setting. For this reason we highly recommend purchasing insurance for your ring; this will cover physical loss, theft, or damage. Jewellery insurance allows you to put safeguards in place so that you can either replace your jewellery item or recover its monetary value.

As stated in our policies; our 1 year warranty covers any potential defects in craftsmanship, but it will not cover broken stones.