We know that the sentimental value of your inherited pieces make them important to keep, but when the design isn't to your taste, or doesn't fit in with your lifestyle, they can end up unworn, stored away in a box.

Ellis specialises in reworking your heirloom jewellery into new pieces you will treasure. We offer a re-design service that allow you to transform your unworn gold and gemstones into fresh new pieces within her signature aesthetic.

Why would you rework your jewellery?

It Doesn't Fit Your Lifestyle

You love your inherited ring, but you have a lifestyle that means it gets in the way at work. Or maybe you inherited a pair of large earrings, but you're more of a necklace person. By reworking it into a new piece of jewellery, you can make it more wearable for you and for your lifestyle, so it works for you.

It’s Just Not Your Taste

A inherited brooch that’s been passed down through your family may have  sentimental value, but it remains unworn in your jewellery box as the style is just not your aesthetic. So why not turn your brooch into a piece you would wear every day instead?

You Want To Share It

Your have inherited a family ring, but you have several children that all deserve to inherit it - how can you possibly split it between them?

By deconstructing the ring into its elements and reworking it into 3 unique necklaces means you can share the memories.



If you have inherited a piece or pieces of jewellery you would like reworked, here are your next steps:

Decide On Your Brief

What type of jewellery would you like? Wedding bands? A necklace? Earrings? 

Browse the online shop and Bespoke Gallery to see what styles appeal to you. 

Book a Consultation

Email hello@ellismhairicameron.com with your brief, photos of the pieces you would like to have remodelled, along with any inspiration you may have. Ellis can then look through your ideas, and discuss the possibilities with you via email, phone, or in person at her studio.

 Remodelling | An Overview

We are more than happy to rework heirloom pieces of jewellery which you no longer wear into something you love, within the Ellis Mhairi Cameron aesthetic. In terms of pricing, we always recommend remodelling if it is a very sentimental piece, as this is a more labour intensive process, so the pricing may be similar to pieces that are currently in stock. As each piece of heirloom jewellery is unique, please email hello@ellismhairicameron to discuss the pieces you have, and how you would like them reworked.

We offer the below guidelines | 
Remodelling Earrings & Bracelets & Pendant Necklaces: From £1500
Remodelling Rings: From £2000

 Remodelling | Trade in Service

We do also offer a trade in service, where if you have unwanted pieces of solid gold jewellery, these can be traded in for market value credit to be spent on pieces from the collection, or to be put towards a custom project - please email to discuss. We can arrange for collection of your jewellery and our insurance will cover your jewels while they are in our possession. We recommend having your stone/s appraised prior to leaving for re-setting. This will ensure that the insurance covers at its accurate value.
Please contact hello@ellismhairicameron.com and we can talk you through the remodelling process.

Sophie' Story

Sophie had inherited some loose tourmaline gemstones, as well as a brooch set with a tourmaline. She loved the sentimentality of the jewellery but didn't wear brooches and wanted to use the loose stones in a new piece of jewellery.

She had looked through the website and decided on styles that she liked, then emailed to book a video call. We discussed the pieces, her aesthetic preferences and budget for the reworking. We then put together some design ideas for a pair of stud earrings and a ring. Sophie chose the designs she liked best and paid a deposit to start the commission. As she didn't live near the studio, Sophie was sent images as the commission progressed from wax into gold, to make sure she was happy at every stage. 


'' I am over the moon, thank you so much. I love the way the gold looks with the green, and I think the stones look just right in their settings! Like they belong there. I can't thank you enough, this whole experience has been so much fun!

I can't wait to wear the earrings all the time. I also tried the ring on and it fits me perfectly so it's going to be difficult giving that away!''

- Sophie